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10 Top Honeymoon Hotspots

Where do newlyweds want to go?  Wedding site gave us the inside scoop on the most frequented romantic destinations.  Maybe they’ll run into William and Kate. (Number 1 is the State of Hawaii)

There are many reasons Hawaii continues to be the most popular spot for honeymooners: the beautiful beaches, rushing waterfalls, luaus in the sand and warm water.

For West Coasters, a Hawaiian getaway is relatively easy and affordable, particularly during the shoulder season in April and May. But prices jump in the summer months.

Once there, it’s easy to book inter-island flights on Hawaiian Airlines, which is a great way to mix it up, advises Jeanenne Tornatore, a senior travel editor for

“Each island has its own atmosphere and level of activity or serenity to fit individual tastes,” she said.

Courtesy of Pacific Business News