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How can this be?
Recently, a financial literacy group, with the odd name of NerdWallet, calculated Honolulu as the most expensive city in the U.S.  An understanding of the Hawaiian Islands is critical to your understanding of the state, and this statistic.

To most of the world, Honolulu and Waikiki Beach are Iconic Hawaii. We have been and driven in Honolulu many times and around Oahu, it is basically a big, crowded, high-rise-condo, financial center; to many, such as the Asia/Pacific, that’s where you go to buy a mega-mansion in Kahala, and Diamondhead, which are full of $10,000,000 and up waterfront compounds.  They do not know that Neighbor Islands of Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island, are almost polar opposites of this urban center.

Even the island of Lanai, recently purchased by Larry Ellison, the flamboyant and fabulously wealthy Founder and CEO of tech giant Oracle, does not buy in Honolulu.  In fact he saw the opportunity a quiet, peaceful island
presented and is now in the process of modernizing and expanding this potential next Big Thing.

Each neighbor island has its own personality, and within each are micro-climates.  Did you know that little Hilo, on the Big Island, is the second largest city in Hawaii?  Or that Kauai is the least populated at about 65,000 and 555 square miles?  So many Oahu/Honolulu residents have to live there because that’s where the jobs are.  The Neighbor Islands depend on tourism, and less so agriculture.  The Neighbor Islands offer beauty,
peace and quiet, and almost no crime, especially Kauai.  Many Honolulu residents vacation on Kauai, for instance. So don’t be fooled by limited and mis-leading information.  I hope to see you on the Garden Island, a wise choice.