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Sales of second homes will go up 10% this year, following a 30% bump last year, much stronger than a comparatively flat rate for all homes in the USA. Investors playing a diminished role. (Kiplinger Letter Vol. 91, No. 25)

In addition, and probably helping this, is U.S. consumer confidence hits 8 year high, per the Conference Board’s projections. (Star Advertiser, June 27)

Another probable cause:  a bitter and lengthy winter throughout mainland USA kept buyers for most large purchases (Cars, real estate) indoors.This is confirmed by USA Today, June 25.

Here on Kauai median prices are generally leveling out, and with inventory lower than normal, it may be a good time to buy or sell (no remorse about paid too much or sold for too little).

Donna Rice, (RB), Lic. #17725, can help you.

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