It’s hard to visit Kaua’i and not want to come back again and again.  More and more baby boomers are retiring here, or buying winter homes.  Movie stars abound, like Julia Roberts, Sylvester Stallone, Pierce Brosnan, Harrison Ford, Ben Stiller, Michael Crichton (RIP), Bette Midler, and more. We get calls from Minneapolis in the heart of winter, 30 degrees below zero and the wind howling, and are asked, “How’s the weather there on Kaua’i?”  It’s a little awkward to tell these folks its 80 degrees and we are headed for the beach.  Kaua’i real estate is different than the mainland.  Not complicated, just different, and you need a top Realtor to help you navigate to a wonderful home in the American Paradise.  This graph, taken from data in the unimpeachable Multiple Listing Service (MLS) shows which one is best:


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