Condo sales, prices soar on Kauai in June

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Condominium sales jumped on Kauai last month, along with prices, while single-family homes posted a more modest price gain on flat sales, according to data from Hawaii Information Service on behalf of the Kauai Board of Realtors.

There were 71 condominium units sold in June, a 39.22 percent increase from 51 units sold during the same month last year. The median price of those condo units was $599,000, an increase of 39.3 percent from $430,000 in June 2017.

The median price of a single-family home on Kauai in June was $752,500, which was an increase of 7.12 percent from $702,500 during the same month last year.

The median price of single-family homes in the Hanalei district on Kauai’s North Shore, where flooding damaged dozens of homes and cut off access to others in Haena, was $1.01 million in June, a 16.12 percent decline from $1.2 million in June 2017. Sales in the area dropped to eight single-family homes sold in June, a 57.89 percent decline from 19 sales in June 2017.

Condominium sales in Hanalei, which includes Princeville, dropped to 10 units sold, a decline of 37.5 percent from 18 units sold during the same month last year. However, the median price of those units rose 17.74 percent to $624,000, from $530,000 in June 2018.

Big Island, Kauai see higher home prices in first half of 2018

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Condominium prices on the Big Island rose by double digits during the first half of this year, while Kauai saw double-digit gains in sales for both single-family homes and condominiums, according to statistics from Hawaii Information Service on behalf of Hawaii Island Realtors and the Kauai Board of Realtors.

Kauai home sales rise but median condo price drops

The median price of a condominium on Kauai dropped 28 percent in February, compared to last year, while the median price of a single-family home rose 6 percent, according to statistics from Hawaii Information Service on behalf of Kauai Island Realtors.  

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7 home maintenance tasks sellers must do before listing

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7 home maintenance tasks sellers must do before listing

Proactive is the buzzword when addressing both cosmetic and mechanical components of a listing


It’s that time of year again, the 2018 selling season is upon us. If you have clients getting ready to put their home on the market, the task list to prep for the market can seem endless.

To make it easy, we’ve compiled a home maintenance list for you of the seven things sellers should do before putting that for sale sign in the ground.

Spruce up the exterior


Let’s face it, the exterior of the property is the first thing a buyer will see whether online or driving by. Now is the time to make sure it looks its best.

Walk around the entire exterior of the home, and conduct an assessment.

Consider pressure washing, painting, having the windows cleaned, cleaning out gutters, trimming back any overgrown or dead landscaping, cleaning the front door and changing out any worn door hardware that may look old and corroded. And make sure the front doorbell actually works!

Service the heating/cooling system

A home inspector is going to check this anyway, so beat ’em to the punch by having the system serviced and cleaned. When was the last time it was serviced anyway?

It’s better to take care of any repairs that may need addressing now versus waiting until a buyer decides to make an offer.

Do a light bulb check

Make sure all of the lightbulbs are working and free of dirt and debris. Yes, these need cleaning too — just make sure they are off. Don’t forget to check the outdoor lights as well.

Check the smoke detectors

Maybe sellers took the batteries out the last time they were playing Top Chef in the kitchen.

Now is the time to make sure that all smoke detectors are working and have new batteries. Replace any old ones as an inspector is likely to flag those during a home inspection and recommend that they be replaced.

Blue tape it

Conduct a thorough walk through of the interior of the home. If there are any nicks, dents or scratches on the walls and moldings, blue tape them so sellers can go through and have each area repaired.

The more wear and tear a home appears to have, the more the buyer is going to chip away at the asking price.

Deep clean, and declutter

Now is the time to give the home that deep clean it needs. Consider hiring a cleaning crew to tackle this; the more hands, the better.

Deep cleaning means wiping down all of the baseboards and moldings and cleaning cabinets, appliances (including the oven) and every corner from top to bottom including light fixtures and ceiling fans.

It’s also a good time to gather all those unwanted closet items together to donate as well as any unused furniture and decor. The less stuff in the house, the less there is to organize and keep clean.

Clear out the garage

Often overlooked when preparing a home for sale, don’t forget this space. Make sure the garage is clean, in good repair, organized and that you can actually walk through it.

Consider painting the floor or having an epoxy finish put down. And that ceiling? Buyers also look up when touring this space, so make sure any drywall cracks or loose seams are repaired.

Buyers recognize and appreciate homes that have been taken care of. Taking some time to invest in home maintenance before selling will likely yield a big payoff when it becomes offer time.

Cara Ameer is a broker associate and Realtor with Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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