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Kauai Pet Quarantine

If you are considering Kauai real estate, and have a pet, it is state law that a specific quarantine procedure be followed and documented.  Happily, Kauai has a beautiful, state-of-the art Humane Society (KHS) that will assist you in the process.  By following the procedures, you can be re-united with your pet in minimal time and inconvenience.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Why have quarantine?  Hawaii has no rabies. This program prevents rabies from entering the state.
  2. How long is the quarantine? Without advance preparation by, say, the mainland vet you use, and lacking the expert advice of KHS, it can last 120 days and be costly.  However…
  3. You can qualify for our Five Day or Less Quarantine program where your pet can be released at the airport!
  4. What are the fees?  Currently, $400 per pet and additional fees depending on timing and preparation.  There are also fees due to the state.
  5. How do I qualify my pet?  There are legal procedures to be followed, and the Kauai Humane Society, at 808 632 0610, can provide this information.

These standards will be described in detail by KHS, and the necessary procedures and protocols will be provided.  So, buying Kauai real estate and bringing your much-loved pet(s) over can be accomplished.  This Blog is too short to include all the details, so call KHS, a wonderful, helpful team.